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Coaching Life | Consulting Growth 

“I’ve been growing into this all my life!”  Ruth 



Ruth’s greatest pleasure is to help and encourage.  She is at her best when supporting and caring for others.  Her personal life and professional experience have made her a competent and qualified 'Right Hand Man'!  


Her lifelong passion studying personality differences, unique skills and giftings, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, dreams and goals, self-learning and self-evaluations has all brought her to this new life chapter and enriching opportunity. 


Having spent her entire life helping people (family, friends, business clientele, and charitable organizations) she genuinely wants what is best for you, your life and your business or career.  

By sharing, caring, loving and coaching, Ruth desires to walk with you into a new chapter and the next best level of your life.  



"It is what we value, not what we have, that makes us rich." 

  • Family

  • Growth (physical, personal, spiritual)

  • Respect (honour and care shown to others)

  • Compassion (sympathy and empathy)

  • Accountability (responsibility and dependability) 

  • Competence (capability, expertise, skill) 

"When you know what your values are, making decisions become much easier."



35+ years of Customer Relations, Marketing, Risk Management and Sales

  • Abuse Prevention Development, Implementation and Teaching Expert

  • Board Facilitator/Consultant for Educational Purposes, Best Practices and Financial Recommendations

  • Business Advisor

  • Church/Charity Organization Operations and Relation Resource Person

  • Client Service Executive

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling

  • Conference Coordinator

  • Insurance Professional 

  • Professional Correspondence and Advertising Administrator

  • Project and Design Development Management

  • Public Relations Ambassador

  • Risk Management Consultant

  • Speaker/Presenter

Board Member for Leadership Training Organization, Mission Organization, Leadership Camp



  • Creative

  • Goal Inspired

  • Growth Motivated/Results Focused/Sales Driven

  • Intuitive Thinker

  • Lifelong Learner

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational/Detail Oriented

  • Pragmatic 

  • Problem Solver/Solution Provider

  • Team Leader and People Builder

  • Thoughtful and Careful Promotion of Change

  • Visionary

Ruth Bell Asselin

Ruth lives near Toronto, Ontario with her husband, Henri Asselin.  


Together they enjoy family, friends, food and fellowship, flowers and fancies (tea cups and china).

Henri and Ruth adore their two beautiful grandchildren.  

Daily Mantra:

O God our help in ages past,

Guide us with your grace

And make us a blessing to someone each day. 



Fun Facts

  • I first married at 49 years of age, turned 50 six months later, and became Grand-Maman two weeks after that!

  • My first and only dog (so far) Bentley, a Great Pyrenees, died at 3.5 years (7 years ago) and I still cry about it.

  • I was summer camp director for 66 girls and 12 counsellors from 1985 - 1992 - LOVED IT!  Still see, know and love some of those precious girls and I dream of being all together again for a big  'catch up'  reunion.

  • I loved being a foster parent in the 1990's.

  • All parties are great, but Tea Parties are the best. The more parties the better!

  • I love quotes, collect quotes, and constantly communicate with quotes.

  • My father always said, and now, my husband does too - "you've got more ideas than Carter* has pills!" *(local drug store)

  • At age 6, I sold my first item, a white painted leaf, that I picked up off the purchaser's own yard. He happily gave me 5 cents, I imagine, for having such gall.

  • My personal counsellor helped me remember that I once loved to read, then discover why I didn't like reading for so many years.  Subsequently I was reintroduced to the importance and pleasure of this undeniable luxury and most affordable escape plan. 

Certified Coach, John Maxwell Team, International 

Next Level Leadership Certification

Various Annual Personal and Professional Development Courses 

Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker and Life Underwriter Designation

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