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"How Can I?  Unless someone helps me!"

Coaching Life | Consulting Growth

Personal Coach and Business Consultant


When We Know and Believe the Truth About Ourselves

the Possibilities Come Clearly into Focus


Life Coaching

Someone Special to BE -

  • Aware of Your Character

Something Significant to DO -

  • Catalog Your Capabilities/Competences

Somewhere Specific to GO -

  • Stating Your Confidence and Unique Calling

Anchored with your personal values and with a healthy nourished mind you can be freed of unconscious limiting beliefs, negative resulting behaviours.  

  • Free From the Hope of a Better Past

    • Regain Positive Promising Perspective

  • Present in the Present

    • Develop Clear Personal Vision

  • Future Forward Focused​

    • Set Specific Attainable Goals

    • Reach Your Potential

"Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?" Dr. Seuss 


Business and Career Consulting

  • Harness your Unique Strengths

  • Know the Importance of Influence 

  • Motivation Meets You Along the Way

  • Potential Trumps Limitations

  • Success versus Significance

  • The Cruelty of Comparison

  • Personalized Plans and Strategies

  • "When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change" Wayne Dyer

  • Small, Consistent Behaviours Turned Habits Ultimately Lead to Unimaginable Results.

  • Goal-Oriented, Project-Motivated, People -Centered, Results-Driven Help

​"Decide What You Want, Build a Plan, Execute Intentionally and You Can Bet on the Outcome"  unknown source

Personal Renewal will be

Professionally Rewarding

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Team or Group Sessions
Available by Request and Exploratory Discussion

Look Inward, so we can Gaze Upward, Gear Forward, and Push Onward

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