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Lacking visual contact, with no instruments or the proper use of instruments, the most experienced pilot can only fly for an average of 178 seconds* without the potential of danger or crashing. Tragically, several planes have crashed either because the pilot didn't have instruments, couldn't read the instruments, or ignored the instruments in favour of sensory knowledge.

The senses can indicate the exact opposite of what is felt or happening. The mind can become confused and disoriented to the simple basics of up or down.

In life too, we must read the instruments; dials of truth. The truth of our being is a solid source for personal dials. Feelings, alone, don't work. Establish 10 truths for yourself, keep them close and check them anytime your feelings or day to day circumstances try to tell you differently.

Sample Truths:

You are Accepted, You are Essential, You are Gifted, You are Loved, You are Worthy,

(*tc/ - A fatal flight in bad weather:178 seconds to live)

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